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 Three Conditions Inauspicious For Bhakti  
 Three Ways To Acquire The Qualities Of The Demigods  
 Three Ways Krishna Is Not Like The Ordinary Raincloud  
 Three Asuras Who Were Successful Worshipers Of Lord Shiva  
 Three Ways The Sadhu Cuts With Their Speech  
 Three Times Shri Rama Politely Declined Service Offered To Him  
 Three Potential Pitfalls To Temple Worship  
 Three Things To Be Greedy For  
 Three Causes For The Different Species  
 Three Life Events That Might Distract Me From Bhakti  
 Three Reasons Lakshmana Is Called Ramanuja  
 Three Ways To Know That Vedic Culture Is More Than A Religion  
 Three Reasons Ravana Might Not Be Universally Hated  
 Three Examples Of Krishna’s Causeless Mercy  
 Three Activities In Bhakti Which Are Ultimately Identical  
 Three Times There Was No Reward For Loyal Patronage  
 Three Instances Of Krishna’s Munificence  
 Three Issues With The “I Trust Science” Philosophy  
 Three Times Krishna Thwarted Adhidaivika Attacks  
 Three Reasons The Young Son of Hiranyakashipu Was Smarter Than The Father  
 Three Benefits Of Pious Activities  
 Three Examples Of Anger Leading To Loss Of Intelligence  
 Three Questions For A Person Claiming To Be A Messenger Of God  
 Three Antonym Pairs Described By The Sanskrit Words Alpa And Su  
 Three Examples Of Chewing The Chewed  
 Three Ways To Conquer Indolence  
 Three Areas Where People Are Left Unhappy No Matter The Outcome  
 Three Difficulties People Not Born Into Vedic Culture Face In Bhakti-Yoga  
 Three Ways The Mode Of Passion Is Like Making Progress In Illusion  
 Three Authority Figures We Typically Aren’t Deathly Afraid Of  
 Three Realizations From Experiencing Childbirth  
 Three Times Bhagavan Was Shown To Be More Significant Than Gold  
 The Three Phases Of Praying For Stuff From The Devas  
 Three Ways Yudhishthira Was A Saintly King  
 Three Things Easily Achieved By A Person Going Forward On The Goal To Krishna  
 Three Ways Hiranyakashipu Tried To Deprogram Prahlada  
 Three Reasons Under The Govardhana Umbrella Is The Safest Place To Be  
 Three People Who Were Harassed By Family Members Because Of Their Devotion  
 Three People Who Are Unhappy Because Of Unfulfilled Desires  
 Three Things Rama Can Break In Addition To The Contest Bow  
 Three Incidents That Gave Kamsa Ample Warning About Krishna  
 Three Examples Of Life In The Mode Of Passion  
 Three Ways Demigod Worship Can Harm You  
 Three Characterizations Of The Bhagavad-gita  
 Three Ways To Know That Krishna Is Ananta  
 Three Potential Destinations In Life Covered In Vedic Teachings  
 Three Times God Won With An Incredible Degree Of Difficulty  
 Three Ways My Kid Reminds Me Of God  
 Three Times The Undefeated Was Defeated  
 The Three Kinds Of Karma  
 The Three Components To Safely Crossing The Ocean Of Birth And Death  
 Three Places Where Bad Association Can Ruin A Good-Natured Person  
 Three Reasons Demons Are Afraid Of The Universal Form  
 Three Kinds Of Medicine Not Required When Practicing Devotional Service  
 Three Sanskrit Words Used For Analogies  
 Three Praises That Likely Are Not Part Of A Eulogy  
 Three Examples Of Acquiring The Exalted Position of Conquering The Unconquerable  
 Three Aspects Of Material Life Which Make It Difficult To Practice Bhakti  
 Three Reasons Krishna Deserved Punishment From Mother Yashoda  
 Three Things That Should Have Majority Influence Over The Consciousness  
 Three Great Souls Who Have Literally Given Shelter To God  
 Three Criticisms Devotees Don’t Mind Hearing  
 Three Kinds Of Attackers Shri Rama Can Thwart  
 Three Important Aspects To The Devotee’s Vision  
 Three Categories Of Standards With Different Situational Outcomes  
 Three Ways Forgetfulness Can Be Beneficial In Bhakti-Yoga  
 Three Periods Of Time I Could Use To Test If God Is Real  
 Three Kinds Of Relationships Prahlada Had With The Supreme Lord  
 Three Amazing Events That Still Weren’t Enough Proof For The Atheists  
 Three Ways The Still Image Of Life May Mislead  
 Three Ways To Know You Haven’t Made Progress  
 Three Formidable Foes That Rama Can Overcome  
 Three Reasons Pious Activities Alone Don’t Guarantee Entry Into The Kingdom Of God  
 Three Things Rama Wasn’t Compelled To Do  
 Three Conditions Necessary For Something To Be Permanent  
 Three Ways Kama And Krodha Can Manifest During The Morning Commute  
 Three Kinds Of Payback Ravana Received From Hanuman  
 Three Reasons God Is A Somebody  
 Three Devotees Whose Character Was Not Tainted By Material Opulence  
 Three Ways To Know That Everything Is Going To Be Okay  
 The Three Components Of Achintya-Bhedabheda-Tattva  
 Three Activities Where Krishna Gives The Appearance Of Being Ordinary  
 The Three Stages Of Krishna’s Pastimes In Vrindavana  
 Three Amazing Things God Does With Respect To The Universe  
 Three Reasons Mystic Yoga Is Not Considered Entirely Spiritual  
 Three Reasons Not To Be Hypocritical In Bhakti  
 Three Things The Scientists Can’t See  
 Three Examples Of The Potency Of Transcendental Sound  
 Three Ways To Understand The Greatness Of Lord Shiva  
 The Three Sanskrit Terms Defining The Spirit Soul  
 Three Ways To Understand The Difference Between Paramatma and Parabrahman  
 Three Aspects Of Vedic Culture That Have Variations  
 The Three Modes Of Nature And Their Corresponding Conditions  
 Three Reasons Not To Ignore The Benefactor  
 Three Ways Arjuna Is A Conscientious Disciple  
 Three Nonnegotiable Requirements From Different Paths Of Spirituality  
 Three People Not Agitated By Attempts Made On Their Life  
 Three Reactions To Winning A Million Dollars  
 Three Things Worked Really Hard For But Not Enjoyed Properly Due To Time  
 Three Sets Of Friends And Enemies Created In Politics  
 Three Ways Vasudeva Is A Hero  
 Three Practices Similar To Bhakti That Lack The Same Effect  
 Three Comparisons For Explaining The Feeling Of Thankfulness In Bhakti  
 Three Valuable Jewels Worn By Lord Vishnu  
 Three Examples Of The Vatsalya-Rasa Standard  
 Three Reasons God Does Not Show Us The Complete Future  
 Three Things From Material Life That Don’t Fill The Void Of Bhakti  
 Three Amazing People Who Didn’t Have A Great Ending  
 The Three Stages Of Attachment To The Material World  
 Three Interesting Facts About The Akshaya Patra  
 Three Things Prahlada Would Sometimes Do When Thinking Of Krishna  
 Three Ways That Sense Perception Is Limited  
 Three Things Rama Doesn’t Feel Even In The Most Disturbing Times  
 Three Ways We Might View Vedic Rules And Regulations  
 Three Instances Where Krishna Provided Umbrella Insurance  
 Three Things I Have Never Done But Know Are A Bad Idea  
 Three People Who Provided Instruction To Shri Rama  
 Three Amazing Things About Shri Rama’s Wife  
 Three More Criticisms Devotees Don’t Mind Hearing  
 The Three Degrees Of Enmity  
 Three Factors Success In Spiritual Life Is Not Dependent On  
 Three Cases That Prove The Existence Of An Overseer And Permitter  
 Three Threats That Fall Under The Umbrella Of Krishna’s Protection  
 Three Areas Where The Asura Fails To See Arrangement In The Background  
 Three Defeats From The Beauty Of Shrimati Radharani  
 Three Reasons Krishna Is Known As Gopala  
 Three Ways To Know That The Vedas Are Not Just For Indians  
 Three Reasons Devotees Are Known To Be Forgiving  
 Three Dangers Krishna Protected The Cowherd Boys From  
 Three Places In Shrimad Bhagavatam Where Parents Can Get Advice  
 Three Objections A Young Person Might Hear Upon Taking Up Bhakti  
 Three Possible Reasons For Prahlada’s Reply To The Father  
 Three Examples Of Bhakti Personified  
 Three People Who Are Driven To Work By A Taste  
 Three Common Prayers And How To Make Them Even Better  
 Three Known Arrivals Of An Akasha-Vani  
 The Threefold Miseries Of Life And Corresponding Examples  
 The Three Factors In Accord When Accepting Spiritual Life  
 Three Amazing Things Moms Are Known To Do  
 Three Questions The Spiritual Teacher Doesn’t Ask Attendees  
 Three Moments Of Difficulty Where Devotees Remember God  
 Three Triggers For Greed  
 Three People Who Kept Their Belief In God Even Through Bad Times  
 Three Ways To Know That Rama Is God  
 Three Ways To Make Devotional Service Very Simple  
 Three Questions To Explain What The Theory Of Evolution Really Means  
 Three Kinds Of People Who Cannot Be Peaceful  
 Three Reasons The Second Birth Is More Important  
 Three Avataras For Three Asuras  
 Three Questions To Ask The Person Who Says They Haven’t Seen God  
 Three Reminders That Relieve Pressure In Bhakti  
 Three Examples Of Peace Amidst Chaos  
 Three Things Commonly Sought In A Material Existence  
 Three People Krishna Is Dependent Upon  
 Three Things That Aren’t Guaranteed To Win God’s Favor  
 Three Things Parrots In Vrindavana See  
 Three Questions The Rakshasas Might Ask To Doubt Rama’s Stature  
 Three Ways To Explain Kirtana  
 The Three Subjects Of the Upanishads  
 Three Reasons Jatayu’s Effort Did Not Go In Vain  
 Three People Who Are Dear To Sita And Rama  
 Three Ways To Know That All Economic Classes Can Worship Shri Rama  
 Three Things Machines Will Never Be Able To Do As Well As Humans  
 Three Aspects To The Arrow Used To Defeat Ravana  
 The Three Steps To Defeating Intelligence  
 Three Times Pious Souls Were Blessed With Unexpected Fortune  
 Three Unexpected Places Where Forgetfulness Of Krishna Can Take Place  
 The Threefold Punishment Awaiting The Criminals In Lanka  
 The Three Sources Of Happiness  
 Three Obvious Signs Of Adharma From Ravana’s Behavior