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 Four Qualities That Can Be Understood Simply From Hanuman’s Deeds  
 Four Questions That Reveal Flaws In Worship Outside Of Bhakti  
 Four Parties Arjuna Was Worried About  
 Four Reasons Krishna Is Known As Janardana  
 Four Curses That Turned Out To Be Blessings  
 Four Ways That I Am Like Hiranyakashipu  
 Four Things I Didn’t Think I Could Do Before Bhakti  
 Four Things Crushed Under The Wheels Of Time  
 Four Contradictions The Deity Breaks  
 Four Reasons Hanuman Is Known As Lakshmivan  
 Four Things I Should Probably Recognize Before Demanding A Meeting With God  
 Four Ways That Failure Could Be The Best Thing To Happen  
 Four Places Where Being Dhira Is Required  
 Four Valuable Life Lessons To Learn From Children  
 Four Factors The Bhakta’s Happiness Is Not Dependent On  
 Four Reasons Parvati Is The Suitable Wife For Mahadeva  
 Four Ways The Acharyas Save Us Time  
 Four Reasons We Are Not Able To Adequately Glorify God  
 Four Times When I Can See God  
 The Four Denials Of The Asuric Mentality  
 Four Activities That Might Not Reflect Well On My Character  
 Four Reasons It Is Not Surprising That Children Would Be Killed In The Womb  
 When A Snake Gets Killed  
 The Four Kinds Of Birth In The Material World  
 Four Of The Most Amazing Things Narada Muni Has Done  
 The Four Components To Animal Life  
 Four Potential Issues With Hanuman’s Plan To Rescue Sita  
 Four Things Rama Didn’t Do After Vanquishing Ravana  
 Four Questions The Mature Human Being Should Ask  
 Four Impossibilities That Krishna Turns Around  
 Four Contentious Questions About God That The Vedas Easily Answer  
 Four Impurities That Overtook Arjuna  
 The Four Kinds Of Diplomacy  
 Four Devotional Services That Can Be Offered In Meditation  
 Four Behaviors Parents Don’t Mind From Their Children  
 Four People For Whom I Am Thankful  
 Four Ways To Live In The Spiritual World Right Now  
 Four Fallacies That Don’t Work Against The Acharya  
 The Four Step Process Of The Attacking Rakshasas In Dandaka  
 Four Criticisms Of The Group Travelling With The Camel  
 Four Issues In Modern Communication Absent In The Relationship With God  
 Four Ways Of Living  
 Four Worlds To Which The Mind Can Escape  
 Four Miseries The Animal Community Doesn’t Have To Deal With  
 Four Traits Of The Spiritual Energy  
 Four Reasons Why Present Civilization Is Not Very Congenial To Living Entities  
 Four Different Kinds Of Mistakes I Commit  
 Four Ways To Understand God Through Nature  
 Four Reasons Even Unlimited Gold Doesn’t Compare To Krishna  
 Four Aspects Of Life That Challenge The Claim Of All-Attractiveness  
 Four Kinds Of Food We Know Krishna Is Happy To Accept  
 Four Takeaways From The Image Of Vasudeva Crossing The Yamuna  
 Four People Who Mistook Krishna For An Ordinary Person  
 Four Undesirable Qualities Shri Hari Would Overlook  
 Four Ways Krishna Is Seen In Vrindavana  
 Four Truths About Time Extracted From The Ravana Example  
 Four People Who Probably Shouldn’t Have Been Granted Asylum  
 Four Ways Atheists Show Belief In God  
 Four Issues Over Which Rivalry Might Develop  
 Four Ways To Understand What Selfless Devotion Means  
 Four Books Unavailable At The Local Library During Hanuman’s Time  
 Four Ways Indra Could Have Reacted To The First Govardhana Puja  
 Four People Who Are Eligible For The Supreme Destination  
 Four Topics That Might Be Discussed At The Dinner Table With Children  
 Four Kinds Of Interaction Between Krishna And Arjuna  
 The Four Auspicious Names Of Dasharatha’s Sons  
 Four People Who Love Krishna But Don’t Understand Him Fully  
 Four Things To Know About The Tulasi Plant  
 Four Kinds Of Regions In Which To Live  
 Four Unwanted Changes That Are Caused By Time  
 Four Ways To Understand How Krishna Is Above Birth And Death  
 Four Types Of Living Entities Who Cannot Equal Rama In Battle  
 Four Aspects Of Bhakti life That Are Anathema To Popular Religions  
 Four Misconceptions About God Resulting From Speculative Reasoning  
 Four Things To Do When Hearing of Bhagavan’s Gunas  
 Four Activities Accounted For Through Charanamrita  
 Four Aspects Of Bhagavan That Are Lotus-like  
 Four Images From Krishna’s Gokula Lila  
 Four Things Krishna Knows About Those Opposed To Him  
 Four Possible Reactions To Seeing The Deity  
 Four Sacred Places Touched By Krishna’s Lotus Feet  
 Four Objects From Classical Warfare That Aren’t Enough To Overcome God  
 Four Amazing Victories Where One Triumphed Against Many  
 Four Languages That Krishna Can Speak  
 Four Questions About Ajnata-Sukriti  
 Four Reasons To Worship Shri And Vishnu Together  
 Four Negations Used For Understanding God  
 Four Lessons From Govardhana-Lila  
 Four Aspects To Being The True King Of The World  
 Four Sanskrit Words To Define An Existence  
 Four Times Hanuman Expanded His Form  
 Four Images From Rama’s Time In Kishkindha  
 The Four Principal Defects Found In The Conditioned Soul  
 Four Important Personalities Who Worship Vishnu  
 Four Material Benedictions That Are Difficult To Maintain  
 Four People Positively Influenced By Rama’s Lotus Feet  
 Four People Dragged By Invincible Time  
 Four Comparisons Used For Krishna’s Complexion  
 Four Ways To Counteract Negative Consequences Due To Arrive  
 Four People Who Would Cite The Glories Of Prahlada  
 Four Things Only Hanuman Was Qualified For In Rama’s Mission  
 Four Images From Rama’s Childhood  
 Four People Counseled And Inspired By Narada Muni  
 Four People To Whom Krishna Offered Respect  
 Four Ways To Put A Positive Spin On Atheism  
 Four Ways To Characterize The Demigods  
 Four Analogies Used By Shri Rama And Family  
 Four Names Arjuna Is Addressed By In The Bhagavad-gita  
 Four Questions Hiranyakashipu Wish He Hadn’t Asked  
 Four Reasons Brahma Did Not Decline To Help Hiranyakashipu  
 Four People Who Asked Krishna For Something  
 Four Reasons To Take Inspiration From But Not Imitate Exalted Devotees  
 Four Plans I Make For Liberation  
 Four Common Factors That Cause Forgetfulness But Not In God  
 Four Good Excuses Arjuna Gave To Krishna At Kurukshetra  
 Four Analogies Used In The Bhagavad-Gita  
 Four Sets Of Life Condition Pairs Covered By Sanatana-Dharma  
 Four People In Distress That Hanuman Helped  
 Four Reasons Not To Be Jealous  
 Four Of The Greatest Successful Underdogs Of All Time  
 Four Ways Krishna Would Manifest In Dvaraka  
 Four Things You Can’t Do To The Soul  
 Four Things That Could Go Wrong Approaching A Pretender Guru  
 Four Solutions To Problems And Where They Fall Short  
 Four Kinds Of I Am  
 Four Reasons Krishna’s Form Is More Attractive Than The Virata-Rupa  
 Four Things That Will Happen If You Stop Believing In God  
 Four Devotees Who Didn’t Hold A Grudge  
 Four Examples Of Where Utility Is The Principle  
 Four Pairs Of Contradictory Features In Shri Hanuman  
 Four People Who Prove That God Is Worthy Of The Name Uttamashloka  
 Four Qualities Of Hanuman’s Svarupa Glorified By Sita Devi  
 Four Things Lakshmana Can Do  
 Four Dire Techniques Employed By The King Of Lanka  
 Four Questions About The Creation Answered By A Single Image  
 Four Groups Rewarded Accordingly In Vrindavana  
 Four Reasons Hanuman Is A Wonderful Sight To Behold  
 The Four Symbolic Representations From Lord Vishnu  
 Four Reasons Adharma Is Not Sustainable