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 Why Do All Questions To The Spiritual Master Sound The Same  
 Couldn’t Someone Get The Wrong Idea About Violence From The Bhagavad-Gita  
 Talking About Auspicious and Inauspicious  
 Talking About Where I’m Going  
 Is There An Equivalent To Confession In Bhakti-Yoga  
 How To Make Use Of The Body Machine  
 How Can You Say That Vedic Literature Has No Final Chapter  
 How To Respond To The Claim That The Vedas Sanction Animal Killing  
 Is It Possible To Be Too Attached To God  
 Talking About Sadhana  
 Is Shanta-Rasa Considered Bhakti  
 Why The Peacock Feather And Not The Snake  
 Talking About Losing Awareness  
 Talking About Dueling Attachments  
 Talking About Respecting Everything The Source Creates  
 What Is The Ultimate Goal Of Life  
 Isn’t There A Risk In Following Krishna’s Exemplary Acts  
 The Soul Of The Universe  
 Talking About Appreciating Any Service  
 Does The Evil That Men Do Live On  
 Talking About After Falling Down  
 Distant Voices Calling  
 Does Krishna Consciousness Have A Lot Of Associated Difficulties  
 Don’t The People Preaching Usually Require The Most Help  
 Where Does Krishna Say That He Always Tries To Please His Devotees  
 Isn’t The Promise Of Liberation A Cheap Ploy To Increase Followers  
 The Midnight Knows It Well  
 How To Make Vedic Teachings Relatable To All Audiences  
 Why Couldn’t Arjuna Retire And Meditate On Krishna  
 Why Is Someone Attached To Krishna So Praiseworthy  
 Do You Remember Not Being Able To Walk Or Talk  
 Talking About Lying To Your Children  
 Talking About A Lot Of Things Going On  
 What About The Prohibition On Creating An Image Of God  
 Does It Feel Pain  
 Talking About God’s Kindness  
 Is The Vedic Viewpoint Pessimistic Or Optimistic  
 Why Would Krishna Need To Live In Dvaraka  
 Talking About Wanting To See God  
 How Is It Possible For The Greatest To Expand Into Everyone  
 My Sentiment Is Better Than Yours  
 When Worshiping A Dog Is Sanctioned  
 Talking About Where To Live  
 Talking About A Password To The Other World  
 Is The Focus On The Next Life Or This One  
 My Success Is Not Determined By Who Wins Elections  
 Bound By The World Not Alone  
 Does Something Perishable Have To Necessarily Perish  
 Why Would You Want To Go Backwards  
 Where Do You Draw The Line Between Vairagya And Bhakti  
 How To Take Seriously A Story Involving Talking Monkeys And Ten-Headed Kings  
 Talking About Going To The Temple  
 Talking About Critical Analysis  
 Is There Symbolic Meaning To Krishna’s Flute  
 Talking About Too Many Celebrations  
 Acharya Upasanam  
 How Do We Understand The Pains And Pleasures Of Others  
 Talking About Seconds Away From Infamy  
 How Did Hiranyakashipu Get The Qualities Of The Demigods  
 Talking About Repaying Honor  
 Talking About False Ego  
 Talking About The Soul Of A Child  
 What Is The World  
 What Is The Difference Between Gross and Subtle Body  
 Talking About Mental Speculation  
 Why Is It Unnatural To Merge Into Brahman  
 Who Is Actually Lost  
 What Is Your Best Argument Against The Caste System  
 What Is Wrong With Honoring Limbs Of A Universal Body  
 Talking About Rajasuya Sacrifices  
 Talking About Asking A Fortune Wheel  
 Talking About The Yogi Choosing His Time Of Death  
 Talking About Leaving This Planet  
 Talking About A Slow News Day  
 Isn’t It Convenient For The Guru To Insist On Humble Submission  
 Can You Explain Why Bhakti Societies Tend To Attract The Worst People  
 Talking About Teaching Us To Forget  
 Talking About Creating An Idol  
 Can God Be Cursed  
 Talking About Passion and Religion  
 Talking About Doing Good Work  
 Is There A Difference Between Divorce And Taking Sannyasa  
 Talking About Something Indescribable  
 Talking About Advancing Beyond The Basics  
 How Does Bhagavan Deal With The Mother-In-Law Problem  
 How Can Bhagavan Hear Every Prayer Offered To Him  
 Talking About Eternally Liberated  
 Does My Bhakti Have To Always Be Expanding  
 Talking About No Entry  
 What Kinds Of People Can Be Reformed By Bhakti  
 Why Are There Asuras In The World  
 Do I Have To Conquer The Senses In Order To Reach Krishna  
 Can You Lose Your Soul  
 What Is Soul  
 Can I Really Stop Hankering And Lamenting  
 Talking About Rejecting The Starting Point  
 Talking About Spoiling Their Chance  
 Isn’t It Wrong For Man To Think They Can Depict God In An Image  
 Hit The Ground, Even Heaven Crumbles  
 How To Deal With Drunkards And Meat-Eaters  
 Why Does Krishna Wait So Long To Descend  
 Does Repeated Reading Of Vedic Literature Bring New Meanings  
 Why Get So Worked Up Over What A Kid Prefers  
 Talking About The Reason For Sannyasa  
 Talking About Unsolicited Affection  
 Talking About The Alpha Male  
 Does Happiness In Spiritual Life Come On Its Own  
 Is There Really No Such Thing As A Material Existence  
 Can We Learn From Those Who Have Risen  
 With Just A Little Brainpower  
 Melding Faith And Empirical Knowledge  
 Talking About Pressure From Peers  
 Can You Describe Kali Yuga In One Sentence  
 Are The Residents Of Vrindavana Considered Distressed  
 Why Didn’t Hiranyakashipu’s Torture Of The Demigods Lead To His Downfall  
 Talking About God Seeing You As An Equal  
 Talking About a Yajna In Ignorance  
 Talking About Keeping A Dog  
 Talking About Offering Your Own Food  
 Does Krishna Love Both The Murderer And The Thief  
 What About The Idea Of Experiencing The Bad To Appreciate The Good  
 Talking About Flattering Words  
 Why Is It Important To See Properly  
 Trying To Decide Where To Live  
 Everything Rests On Me  
 How To Properly Celebrate An Utsava  
 Shouldn’t Every Person Retire Immediately And Live In A Sacred Place  
 What Are Modern Leaders Lacking  
 The Law Of Holes  
 Like Going To The Office  
 Why Did Jatayu Fail Against Ravana  
 Talking About Devotion With a Cause  
 What About The Idea Of Relying On Empirical Data and Studies  
 Talking About Exaggerated Praise  
 Talking About A Fair Wage  
 Is Indra Really In Charge Of Thunder And Lightning  
 Why Do You Always Focus On Man’s Limitations  
 Talking About A Voice From the Sky  
 No Hanging Up On The Hard Ones  
 Seeing God In The Instruments And The Mechanisms That Work Reliably  
 Controversy In Spelling  
 Talking About What People Find Amazing  
 Talking About Wanting To Save The World  
 Duryodhana And Suyodhana  
 Crown Yourself The Other Savior  
 If Your Child Has Become Wealthy Have You Succeeded  
 How Can You Worship Someone Who Is No Longer Around  
 Why The Heavy Reliance On Analogies To Explain Vedic Concepts  
 Talking About Bad Visions  
 Was Everyone Doomed Prior To The Bhagavad-gita Being Spoken  
 Talking About Remembering My Past Life  
 My Body Aches From Mistakes  
 Couldn’t You Say Prahlada’s Childhood Was Stolen From Him  
 Is It Possible For Adharma To Be Bhakti  
 Why So Much Emphasis On Preaching  
 Talking About Independence  
 Talking About Approaching An Old Man  
 Talking About Religion For Dummies  
 How Can You Say God Is Nice When So Many Bad Things Happen  
 Why Is Mayavada So Popular  
 Are You Better Off Today Than You Were  
 Talking About Extortion  
 Because They Already Know  
 Talking About Meditating To Understand  
 Who Is Actually Fortunate  
 Talking About Why We Fight  
 Is It Temporary Or Eternal  
 How Can You Say That Krishna Doesn’t Care About What Happens In The Material World  
 Was Arjuna A Better Bow-Warrior Than Krishna  
 Why Would Anyone Go To Indra After The Govardhana Incident  
 Why Is The Guru So Important  
 Why Is There So Much Difficulty Within Family Life  
 Is It Alright To Homeschool  
 Talking About A Staged Event  
 Talking About Smartas  
 Talking About Never Returning  
 Does Anyone Pray For Renunciation  
 Can Demigod Worship Be Considered Service To A Vaishnava  
 Why Not Worship Krishna As Brahman  
 What Does Progress Really Mean  
 The Creation And Its Instruction Manual  
 Don’t You Think That Man Is Ultimately Evil  
 Talking About Praying When Times Are Good  
 Getting Framed By Krishna  
 Talking About Whom To Worship  
 To What Level Should We Tolerate  
 Talking About People Being Good  
 Talking About Banana Peels  
 Talking About Anger At Death  
 Should Devotees Ever Take The Law Into Their Own Hands  
 Talking About Knowing Our Future Desires  
 What Is The Most Amazing Thing A Devotee Has Done  
 Talking About Keeping Them In The Dark  
 What Is The Most Precious Gift  
 Like A Cat Chasing A Laser Pointer  
 Can We Experience Liberation Prior To Death  
 Can Devotion Be Considered Flattery  
 Granting Of A Writ Of Certiorari  
 How Do You Know That Bhakti Is Better Than Regular Yoga  
 Are We All Just Instruments Of The Divine Will  
 Is There Something I Can Do Besides Chanting  
 If Impersonalism Is So Bad Why Is The Option There To Begin With  
 How To Handle Being Offended At Statements Of The Acharyas  
 Is It Possible To Achieve Heaven  
 Your Humble Servant  
 Why Don’t You Focus More On The Issues Of The Day  
 First Deliberate Then Follow  
 Is Life Meant For Suffering  
 Why Did Arjuna Fight If The Vaishnava Does Not Delineate Friends And Enemies  
 Grudges Break Your Back  
 Finding A Higher Taste  
 What To Ask For When Approaching The Most Important Person  
 You Don’t Think There Is Progress Made Towards Permanence  
 Talking About A Government To Solve Problems  
 Even The Impersonalists Are Attracted  
 Talking About Quoting Authority  
 Shouldn’t I Try To Learn Something From Every Religion  
 Talking About What God Must Be  
 You’ve Fallen But You Think You’re Flying High  
 What Is Your Opinion On Trade Issues  
 Quacks And Their Patients  
 Should We Take Our Punishment Like A Man  
 Your Lifestyle To Me Seems So Tragic  
 Talking About Jealousy  
 How To Properly Understand The Problems With Maintaining A Slaughterhouse  
 Doesn’t Prahlada’s Attitude Go Against Human Nature  
 Talking About Miracle Men  
 Talking About Living In Peace  
 Why Do Devotees Sometimes Fail If Krishna Is Supposed To Protect Them  
 Why Didn’t Krishna Show Duryodhana The Future  
 Talking About How Intent Matters  
 Talking About Prophets  
 No Liability In The Court Of Divine Opinion  
 What Is Hanuman’s Lasting Legacy  
 If Varnashrama Is So Great Why Was It Rejected Throughout The World  
 Isn’t It Bad To Sing The Names Of Villains  
 How Does A Nitya-Baddha Get Transformed  
 From Farm To Table  
 What Is The Secret To Remaining Detached  
 How Are The Disc And The Club Beautiful  
 What Kind Of Parent Is Krishna  
 Talking About Looking To Leaders  
 What Did We Do Wrong Before Birth  
 What Is Wrong With Speculating  
 No Remorse Is The One Command  
 Why Should We Be Afraid Of A Dream  
 Talking About Interfering With Life  
 Talking About What Is Love  
 Talking About That Person  
 What Does Impersonal Really Mean  
 Ranking My Favorite People  
 Shouldn’t I Want My Child To Become A Guru  
 What Is The Vedic Explanation For Aliens, Dinosaurs And Other Such Things  
 Like The Waves In The Ocean  
 Didn’t Janaka Take A Huge Risk With The Rules Of The Contest  
 Anything Else In the Box, Pandora  
 If The Deity Is Krishna Then Why Feel Pains Of Separation  
 How Is It Possible For A Warrior To Stay Dear To Krishna  
 What Is The Purpose Of Science  
 How Do You Guarantee Someone Else’s Consciousness  
 Are We Really Responsible For Our Actions  
 Talking About A Fantasy World  
 Talking About How I Can Forget  
 Talking About Praise From Even Bad People  
 Why Is Hari-Katha Not Boring  
 Why Is There Flowery Language In The Vedas To Begin With  
 How Do You Deal With Health Emergencies  
 Talking About Brute Force  
 Book Smarts Versus Street Smarts  
 Do You Ever Get Embarrassed By Having To Be Hypocritical  
 Letting Me Win Every Day  
 Can You Explain How Something So Elusive Can Be Achieved So Quickly  
 How Do You Get People To Buy Into Restrictions On Eating And Sex Life  
 What We Can Learn From The Parrot  
 Why Do They Break My Meditation  
 Why Would A Devotee’s Ancestors Get Liberated Too  
 Talking About Kama And Exploitation  
 What Is The Secret To Success In Bhakti Yoga  
 Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks  
 What To Say To A Grieving Friend  
 Why Not Tell People That Bhakti Makes You Rich  
 Wasn’t It Wrong For Hanuman To Enter Lanka By Force  
 Talking About Senior To All By Birth  
 Wouldn’t Dussehra Be More Inspiring If Sita Had Released The Arrows  
 Why Does Martya-Loka Only Refer To Earth  
 Don’t You Feel You Are Fighting A Losing Battle  
 Talking About The Fortunate Losers  
 Why Is Enthusiasm Necessary In Bhakti  
 What Is The Difference Between Ishvara And Maheshvara  
 Talking About When I Was Your Age  
 Does Hell Really Exist  
 What Is Wrong With Service To Man  
 Is It Necessary To Be Religious For The Earth To Produce  
 Who Doesn’t Want To Enjoy  
 Talking About Parting Words  
 If Devotees Are Protected Then Why Do Tragedies Sometimes Occur  
 When You Love Someone Do You Have To Necessarily Let Everyone Know  
 What Does The Ideal Society Look Like  
 Shouldn’t Sita Have Properly Recognized Hanuman  
 Talking About Things Changing Quickly  
 Five Reasons Arjuna Could Have Followed Krishna Blindly  
 Why Wasn’t Dhruva Guilty Of Wasting Vishnu’s Time  
 But That Was Then And This Is Now  
 What To Do In The Case Of A Fallen Guru  
 What Is The Vyasasana  
 Talking About A Vow Of Silence  
 Talking About The Chicken And The Egg  
 Talking About The Hanuman Of Other Traditions  
 Seized By The Day, Frozen Captive By The Night  
 Why Does It Seem Like Only Hippies And Drug Addicts Find Religion  
 Talking About All-Attractive Things  
 Talking About Keeping Them Angry  
 Talking About Chewing The Chewed  
 Does Krishna At One Point Take The Side Of The Atheist  
 Residual Effects From Past Transgressions  
 Talking About When The Dust Settles  
 Credible On Either Side  
 Talking About Inventions  
 Talking About Coming To My City  
 Weren’t The Asuras Who Visited Vrindavana In Maya  
 Talking About Worshiping In Balance  
 How Do We Recognize A Realized Soul  
 Should Someone Feel Guilty About A Supposed High Birth  
 Talking About Demons  
 Three Kinds Of Association Necessary For Success In Spiritual Life  
 Is It Possible To Teach Someone To Be Devoted  
 Talking About Equating The Unlimited With The Limited  
 How Could A Father Try To Kill Their Own Son  
 Why Are There Demons In Vrindavana  
 The War That Never Ends  
 Two Ways To Understand The Material Nature  
 What About The Idea Of Not Disturbing People Interested In Karma  
 How Can Victory And Defeat Be The Same Thing  
 How Do You Explain The Horrible Things That Have Happened To Devotees  
 Aren’t You Just Escaping Reality  
 How Does The Robotic Revolution Affect Bhakti-Yoga Practice  
 Provide The Missing Ingredient  
 Talking About Easier Being Better  
 I Still Don’t Get Why Brahma Had To Help A Bad Guy  
 Talking About Making People Honorable  
 Is Krishna Ever Too Full To Accept My Offerings  
 Talking About Experts  
 Talking About Proof Of Divinity  
 What Does It Mean That God Is Originally A Person  
 Why Didn’t Krishna Sing The Gita To Yudhishthira Also  
 Talking About Putana  
 Talking About Bhagavad-gita For Beginners  
 Why Do The Impersonalists Get So Mad  
 If A Sadhu Is Recognized By Their Qualities What Is The Purpose Of The Dress  
 The Irony Of Thieves Setting Rules  
 Talking About Not Using The Word Hinduism  
 What About Music As An Expression Of Consciousness  
 Isn’t It Cultish to Eat Only Krishna Prasadam  
 Talking About A Compassionate Recipient  
 Talking About Even a Little Understanding  
 How Can Someone Be So Shamelessly Hypocritical  
 Why Is Krishna Interested In Glorifying His Devotees  
 I Believe You’re The Devil’s Child  
 What Is The Harm In Praying To Be Maintained  
 Every Great Person Requires Some Help  
 Doesn’t Ravana Show That Sadhus Should Be Viewed With Skepticism  
 Talking About Worshiping Them All Together  
 Can You Explain Your Problem With Democracy For Me  
 What Does It Mean That The Supersoul Is Everywhere  
 How Do I Know If I Have A Relationship With God  
 How Can We Always Have Individuality If There Is The Option to Merge In Liberation  
 Talking About Time  
 Talking About Being In Charge Of The Money  
 How Do You Explain Walking Around The Tree To Someone New  
 Why Didn’t Prahlada Just Stay Quiet  
 Why Don’t You Talk About Christianity So Much?  
 How Does The Touchstone Of Principles Apply To Bhakti  
 How To Practice Bhakti When In Difficulty  
 Talking About Visiting A Loving Home  
 How Can All Dharma Be Included In The Chanting Of The Holy Name  
 Is It Possible For Someone To Die For My Sins  
 Why Is Working Superior To Both Knowledge And Renunciation  
 How Did Prahlada Acquire All Good Qualities Without Practical Experience  
 Talking About Jnana and Vijnana  
 How Can Someone Remain Unsatisfied After Composing The Bhagavad-Gita  
 Talking About Equal Time  
 Do You Think You Are Better Than Me  
 A Tale Of Two Friends  
 Why Didn’t Krishna Just Take The Land Back For The Pandavas  
 Root Cause Analysis