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Three People Brahma Should Have Considered Before Stealing Krishna’s Friends 08/20/2019
Where Is The Empirical Evidence Of The Mind 08/19/2019
Three Endorsements Found Within Vedic Literature 08/18/2019
Four Instances Where Teaching Just One Person Made A Significant Impact 08/17/2019
Five Different Paths Towards Finding Bhagavan 08/16/2019
Four Questions To Ask The Person Who Claims To Be Happy 08/15/2019
What If We Solve This One Problem 08/14/2019
Three Times Krishna Helped The Helpless 08/13/2019
Figuring Out The Way 08/12/2019
Four People Worthy Of The Name Ramanuja 08/11/2019
If Devotees Share In Bhagavan’s Fortunes Then Why Are They Known To Be Poor 08/10/2019
Five Areas Where Shri Rama Has The Best People Associated With Him 08/09/2019
Can You Find The Four Castes Outside Of India 08/08/2019
How Do You Curb The Appetite For Cinema And Television In General 08/07/2019
What Is The Issue With Research Work 08/06/2019
Three Things Hiranyakashipu Should Have Stopped To Consider 08/05/2019
Two Differences Between Absolute And Relative Truths 08/04/2019
Three Purposes Served By The Hiranyakashipu Story 08/03/2019
Is It Necessary To Study All Religions 08/02/2019
Is The Goal Of Our Existence To Find Peace 08/01/2019
Four Ways Vedic Culture Estimates The Social Division 07/31/2019
Three Types Of Projects Which Are Difficult To Manage 07/30/2019
Three Options If You Can’t Get Immortality 07/29/2019
Four Things That The Vision of Narasimha Told Hiranyakashipu 07/28/2019
What About This Idea That God Gave Us Special Teeth For Eating Meat 07/27/2019
Why Are You Making Your Child A Sannyasi 07/26/2019
Three Things Rama Does Not Take Into Consideration When Making Friends 07/25/2019
Three Reasons Someone Might Want Their Dog’s Life 07/24/2019
Why Wouldn’t You Say That Bhagavan Is Guna-less 07/23/2019
Wasn’t It Dangerous For The Other Students To Be Friends With Prahlada 07/22/2019
Four Things That Turn Me Away From Religion 07/21/2019
Four Baseless Charges The Bhakti Follower Might Encounter 07/20/2019
How Do You Deal With The “Deity Is Stone” Argument 07/19/2019
Don’t You Also Have The Imperfect Problem In Service To Krishna 07/18/2019
Three Issues With The Service To Man Speculation On The Vedas 07/17/2019
Isn’t Someone Following Bhakti A Case Of Sour Grapes 07/16/2019
Three Reasons Vishnu Might Not Descend To Deal With Today's Asuras 07/15/2019
Three Reasons Brahma Could Feel Proud 07/14/2019
Four Ways To Prove That There Must Be A Creator 07/13/2019
Five Takeaways From The Image Of Rama Eating With His Brothers 07/12/2019
Four Laughable Misinterpretations Of Bhagavad-gita 07/11/2019
Four Examples Of First-World Problems 07/10/2019
How To Deal With People Who Won’t Allow Opposing Opinions 07/09/2019
Five Things Hiranyakashipu Could Not Remove From His Kingdom 07/08/2019
Three People Who Had To Wait A Long Time For Bhagavan’s Mercy 07/07/2019
Three Occasions When It Is Okay To Call Out To Bhagavan 07/06/2019
What Is Wrong With What The Teachers Taught Prahlada 07/05/2019
The Two Conflicting Interests Of Father And Son 07/04/2019
If Satisfying Krishna Solves Everything Why Do I Have To Worship 07/03/2019
Three Ways To Describe Krishna To Someone Who Has Never Heard Of Him 07/02/2019
Three Reasons Hiranyakashipu Shouldn’t Have Felt Anxiety 07/01/2019
Three Areas Where Hiranyakashipu Received Help 06/30/2019
Three Occupations Where Birthright Is Insufficient 06/29/2019
Some Guys Have All The Luck 06/28/2019
Three Times The Demigods Failed Against Vishnu 06/27/2019
Three Inescapable Realities Of Life 06/26/2019
Four Places The Enlightened Teacher Should Go Beyond 06/25/2019
Three Ways To Understand The Effect Of Gunas 06/24/2019
What Do You Think Of These Life Coaches 06/23/2019
Three Cases Where Removing Distractions Makes An Immediate Impact 06/22/2019
Three Situations Where Even An Accomplished Person Can Get Frustrated 06/21/2019
Four Reasons Hiranyakashipu Should Not Have Been Morose 06/20/2019
Are You Sure 06/19/2019
Three Things Life Might Throw At You To Distract From Bhakti 06/18/2019
Three Common Practices In Life Where Deep Down I Know Something Is Wrong 06/17/2019
Three Situations A Person Might Equate With A Prison Sentence 06/16/2019
Two Of The Most Amazing Sounds You Have Ever Heard 06/15/2019
Four End Points In Time For Understanding God 06/14/2019
Three Areas Of Living That Highlight The Benefit Of Numerical Strength 06/13/2019
The Two Games That Maya Plays With Me 06/12/2019
Three Frustrations From Daily Life That Remind Me I Am Not The Doer 06/11/2019
I Have A Hard Time Believing Krishna Is The Source Of Strength 06/10/2019
How Can Something Be Ferocious And Auspicious At The Same Time 06/09/2019
Three Ways Hiranyakashipu Could Have Reacted To The Failure At Killing His Son 06/08/2019
Two Ways To Understand A Higher Deity 06/07/2019
Couldn’t Someone Get The Wrong Idea About Meditation From Prahlada 06/06/2019
Three Ways Hiranyakashipu’s Attendants Appeared Threatening 06/05/2019
Three Positions From Which Hiranyakashipu Attacked Prahlada 06/04/2019
Four Energies That Are A Variation Of A Common Theme 06/03/2019
Couldn’t The Name Yashoda-nandana Invoke Jealousy 06/02/2019
Five Takeaways From The Image Of Chaitanya’s Birth 06/01/2019
Five Takeaways From The Image Of Draupadi Being Saved 05/31/2019
Four Areas Where The Policy Of Separation Makes Sense 05/30/2019
Three Ways To Understand Vipralambha-Seva 05/28/2019
Three Reasons Vedanta Is Difficult To Follow 05/27/2019
Four Meanings To The Word Guna 05/26/2019
Two Ways To Prove God Without Opening a Book 05/25/2019
Two Areas Of Modern Science Covered By The Vedas 05/24/2019
Three Limitations To Prahlada’s Benevolence 05/23/2019
Three Things I View Differently After Receiving Knowledge And Experience 05/22/2019
Certainly A Trustworthy Son 05/21/2019
Three Early Indications That Hiranyakashipu's Boons Weren't Perfect 05/20/2019
Three Ways Your Family Might React To Your Choosing Bhakti 05/19/2019
Is Faith In Krishna The Only Way To Win Redemption 05/18/2019
Narasimha Chaturdashi 2019 05/17/2019
Three Moments Of Distress To Remember Shri Hari 05/16/2019
Three Reasons A Father Might Be Disappointed In Their Son 05/15/2019
Were People Like Arjuna Ever Nervous In Their Devotional Service 05/14/2019
Why Can’t I Practice Religion How I Want To 05/13/2019
Three Examples Of The Basic Commerce Taking Place In Gokula 05/12/2019
Why Aren't The Bhagavatam Benefits An Offense To Bhakti 05/11/2019
Isn’t Ignorance Better 05/10/2019
Three Activities As Timeless As The Supreme Lord 05/09/2019
How To Handle Learning Your Guru Sometimes Uses A Mild Intoxicant 05/08/2019
Three Strategies For Improving Data Retrieval 05/07/2019
Three Training Classes Likely No One Would Take Today 05/06/2019
Three Reasons Bhagavan Is Described As Urukramanghrim 05/05/2019
Three Areas Where Vairagya Makes An Immediate Positive Impact 05/04/2019
Three Accusations Against Religion Strengthened By A Pretend Leader 05/03/2019
Three Accusations Against Religion Strengthened By A Pretend Leader 05/03/2019
Would You Say The Material Body Is Contaminated 05/02/2019
Four Ways To Explain My Belief System At Present 05/01/2019
Why Didn’t Sudama Just Take Sannyasa 04/30/2019
Three People Not At Fault For Prahlada’s Inclination 04/29/2019
Can I Have My Wasted Days Back 04/28/2019
Four Areas Where Every Person Has A Price 04/27/2019
Why Can’t I Wait Until I Am Really In Trouble 04/26/2019
Four Ways To Relate To Prahlada Maharaja 04/25/2019
Three Takeaways From Yashoda Seeing Into Krishna’s Mouth 04/24/2019
Friends Of The Brahmanas Playing Tricks 04/23/2019
Three Ways Prahlada Tortured The Father 04/22/2019
Three Examples Of Atma-Nivedanam 04/21/2019
Four Kinds Of Sacrifices Prompted By Desires 04/20/2019
How Can You Say That Material Knowledge Is Useless 04/19/2019
Five Characteristics Of A Place With Gold 04/18/2019
Four Situations Where Agreement Can Quickly Turn Into Disagreement 04/17/2019
Should We Not Want Gold And Soft Cushions 04/16/2019
Three Terms Derived From The Names Of Prahlada And Hiranyakashipu 04/15/2019
Argumentum Ad Baculum 04/14/2019
Rama Navami 2019 04/13/2019
Four Ways Prahlada Exhibited Life In Liberation 04/12/2019
Three Things You Might Have To Trick Your Children Into Doing 04/11/2019
Three Ways Maya Can Fool An Otherwise Intelligent Person 04/10/2019
Three Ways To Get Fooled By A Fake Incarnation 04/09/2019
Four Ways Janaka Could Have Reacted To Finding Sita 04/08/2019
Three Kinds Of Calculations Which Fail To Provide An Accurate Understanding 04/07/2019
Five Settings To Describe The Natural Situation In Vrindavana 04/06/2019
Like Iron Towards A Magnet 04/05/2019
Don’t You Think That Man Is Ultimately Evil“Happiness is the nature of the spirit, as stated in the Vedanta-sutras: anandamayo 'bhyasat—th04/04/2019
Two Things To Which Janaka Was Not Attached“While he was tilling a field with a plow in his hand, it is said that I, the daughter of that 04/03/2019
Four Ways To Understand What Selfless Devotion Means“O Rama, You should know that just as fish cannot survive when taken out of water, neither Sita04/02/2019
Digging My Way To Something Better“While he was tilling a field with a plow in his hand, it is said that I, the daughter of that 04/01/2019
Why Get So Worked Up Over What A Kid Prefers“Prahlada Maharaja admitted frankly, ‘My dear teachers, you wrongly think that Lord Vishnu is y03/31/2019
Four People Who Probably Shouldn’t Have Been Granted Asylum“Then the ten-necked one, who was hiding nearby, quickly assumed the form of a wandering mendic03/30/2019
Three Aspects Of Material Life Which Make It Difficult To Practice Bhakti“To those who are constantly devoted and worship Me with love, I give the understanding by whic03/29/2019
Three Objections A Young Person Might Hear Upon Taking Up Bhakti“Being beyond the range of limited sense perception [adhokshaja], You are the eternally irrepro03/28/2019
Four Issues Over Which Rivalry Might Develop“Everyone should be friendly for the service of the Lord. Everyone should praise another's serv03/27/2019
Why Did Arjuna Fight If The Vaishnava Does Not Delineate Friends And Enemies“Demons think of everyone as a friend or enemy, but Vaishnavas say that since everyone is a ser03/26/2019
Questionable Interrogation Techniques“When Prahlada Maharaja's teachers and demoniac father asked him how his intelligence had been 03/25/2019
Don’t You Get Tired Of Praising Devotees“In any assembly where there are discourses about saints and devotees, O King Yudhishthira, eve03/24/2019
Five Body Parts Which Can Be Shown Through Medical Imagery“Brahma, it is I, the Personality of Godhead, who was existing before the creation, when there 03/23/2019
Four Activities That Might Not Reflect Well On My Character“I am faithfully engaged in the service of Rama, who is a hero and prince of wide renown, who h03/22/2019
Holi 2019“Shanda and Amarka, the priests of the demons, were eager to know from Prahlada Maharaja who th03/21/2019
Gaura Purnima 2019“Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's special mission is the deliverance of all fallen souls in Kali-yug03/20/2019
Understanding Hiranyakashipu’s Rise To Power"In one who has unflinching devotional faith in Krishna, all the good qualities of Krishna and 03/19/2019
Why Didn’t Prahlada Just Stay Quiet“Narada Muni continued: When Prahlada Maharaja spoke about the path of self-realization in devo03/18/2019
Three Possible Reasons For Prahlada’s Reply To The Father“Hiranyakashipu naturally became increasingly angry that his son Prahlada was being influenced 03/17/2019
How Did Prahlada Acquire All Good Qualities Without Practical Experience“Hiranyakashipu thought that Prahlada, being nothing but a small boy with no actual experience,03/16/2019
Four Topics That Might Be Discussed At The Dinner Table With Children“Hiranyakashipu did not ask his young son anything that would be very difficult for him to answ03/15/2019
Three Sets Of Friends And Enemies Created In Politics“Politics involves accepting one group of men as enemies and another group as friends. Everythi03/14/2019
Three Places Where Bad Association Can Ruin A Good-Natured Person“Prahlada Maharaja was already educated in devotional life, but when his father sent him to tho03/13/2019
Three Ways To Know You Haven’t Made Progress“In the history of human society, an affectionate father is rarely found to chastise a noble an03/12/2019
Four Behaviors Parents Don’t Mind From Their Children“A father and mother are always affectionate to their children. When the children are disobedie03/11/2019
Why Didn’t Hiranyakashipu’s Torture Of The Demigods Lead To His Downfall“When a demon like Hiranyakashipu, despite his elevated position due to severe austerities, beg03/10/2019
Three People Not Agitated By Attempts Made On Their Life“A demoniac person, in spite of acquiring all the opulences possible to obtain in this universe03/09/2019
Three Kinds Of Relationships Prahlada Had With The Supreme Lord“Prahlada Maharaja sometimes felt that the Lord was far away from him and therefore called Him 03/08/2019
Three Things Prahlada Would Sometimes Do When Thinking Of Krishna“If a mother leaves her small child in his bed or cradle and goes away to attend to some family03/07/2019
Couldn’t You Say Prahlada’s Childhood Was Stolen From Him“For a small boy to give up playing is impossible, but Prahlada Maharaja, being situated in fir03/06/2019
Four People Who Would Cite The Glories Of Prahlada“In any assembly where there are discourses about saints and devotees, O King Yudhishthira, eve03/05/2019
Doesn’t Prahlada’s Attitude Go Against Human Nature“When the Supreme Personality of Godhead is pleased with the living entity because of his devot03/04/2019
An Example Of How To Escape Ignorance“He (Vidura) indirectly hinted, ‘A weapon not made of steel or any other material element can b03/03/2019
Five Ways Prahlada Was Different From Asuras“Anyone can become a fully qualified brahmana under the direction of a spiritual master. Prahla03/02/2019
How Did Hiranyakashipu Get The Qualities Of The Demigods"All the demigods and their exalted qualities, such as religion, knowledge and renunciation, be03/01/2019
Three Ways To Understand The Difference Between Paramatma and Parabrahman“By Me, in My unmanifested form, this entire universe is pervaded. All beings are in Me, but I 02/28/2019
It Takes Just One Moon“Hiranyakashipu had four wonderful, well-qualified sons, of whom the one named Prahlada was the02/27/2019
Five Things Which Cannot Provide Protection Against The Consequences Of Vaishnava Aparadha“One's longevity, opulence, beauty, education and whatever else one may possess as a result of 02/26/2019
Seven Entities To Not Be Envious Of“When one is envious of the demigods, who represent the Supreme Personality of Godhead, of the 02/25/2019
Three Activities In Bhakti Which Are Ultimately Identical“The vibration of the Lord's voice appeared in the presence of all the devotees, and although t02/24/2019
Three Known Arrivals Of An Akasha-Vani“Then there appeared before them a transcendental sound vibration, emanating from a personality02/23/2019
Three Praises That Likely Are Not Part Of A Eulogy“Materialists are very much advanced in enjoying money and women, yet dissatisfaction prevails 02/22/2019
How Can Victory And Defeat Be The Same Thing“O Emperor, now I am separated from my friend and dearmost well-wisher, the Supreme Personality02/21/2019
Is It Necessary To Be Religious For The Earth To Produce“As if in fear of Hiranyakashipu, the planet earth, which consists of seven islands, delivered 02/20/2019
Four Aspects To Being The True King Of The World“Being worshiped by sacrifices offered with great gifts by those who strictly followed the prin02/19/2019
Four Traits Of The Spiritual Energy“The living entities, who are residents of the spiritual as well as the material expansions, ar02/18/2019
Nothing Is Ever Enough“A demoniac person, in spite of acquiring all the opulences possible to obtain in this universe02/17/2019
Hitting The Mark“Then Lord Brahma, who awards infallible benedictions, departed, being worshiped by the best of02/16/2019
Four Material Benedictions That Are Difficult To Maintain“Material benedictions are not always exactly worthy of being called benedictions. If one posse02/15/2019
I Still Don’t Get Why Brahma Had To Help A Bad Guy“Narada Muni continued: Lord Brahma was very much satisfied by Hiranyakashipu's austerities, wh02/14/2019
Four Ways To Counteract Negative Consequences Due To Arrive“A sinful life can be counteracted by various processes of religion such as yajna, vrata and da02/13/2019
Five Reasons We Like Someone“When the Supreme Personality of Godhead is pleased with the living entity because of his devot02/12/2019
Two Things Required From Krishna For Success“She gathered more ropes from the house and added to it, but at the end she found the same shor02/11/2019
Five Objects Of Appreciation Associated With Krishna’s Music“My dear gopis, what auspicious activities must the flute have performed to enjoy the nectar of02/10/2019
Four Valuable Life Lessons To Learn From Children“Nonsensical habits like smoking, drinking, and meat-eating have entered society simply due to 02/09/2019
Does Repeated Reading Of Vedic Literature Bring New Meanings"This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest know02/08/2019
Five Verses To Cover In Bhakti-Yoga 101“O son of Kunti, all that you do, all that you eat, all that you offer and give away, as well a02/07/2019
Who Doesn’t Want To Enjoy“O son of Kunti, all that you do, all that you eat, all that you offer and give away, as well a02/06/2019
Four Of The Most Amazing Things Narada Muni Has Done“Narada Muni continued, 'All the animals that you have killed and given unnecessary pain will k02/05/2019
Four Sanskrit Words To Define An Existence“The Upanishadic verse runs as follows: nityo nityanam chetanash chetananam. The purport is tha02/04/2019
How To Respond To The Claim That The Vedas Sanction Animal Killing“When animals are killed in a slaughterhouse, six people connected with the killing are respons02/03/2019
Four Factors The Bhakta’s Happiness Is Not Dependent On“The theory of chance can best be explained in the Vedic literature by the words ajnata-sukriti02/02/2019