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The Useless Austerities Of Hiranyakashipu 07/10/2020
Who Am I Going To Be Loyal To 07/09/2020
Three Family Relationships To Learn From In The Ramayana 07/08/2020
Three Things Kamsa Should Have Realized After Learning Of His Previous Birth 07/07/2020
Three Mitigation Attempts By Kamsa To Preserve Life 07/06/2020
Five Situations Where The Brahma-bhutah Soul Remains Prasannatma 07/05/2020
How Could Kamsa Be So Cruel 07/04/2020
Why Are Demons Always Afraid Of Demigods 07/03/2020
Four Reasons Kamsa Could Justify His Actions Against Devaki And Vasudeva 07/02/2020
Deadly Omens 07/01/2020
The Two Parents For The Dvija 06/30/2020
The Two Choices We Have In Material Life 06/29/2020
Five Things Over Which My Mind Becomes Agitated 06/28/2020
For What You Have Put Others Through 06/27/2020
Four Ways Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Could Have Responded To Ramadasa Vipra 06/26/2020
Five Ways To Know That Advanced Societies Are Still Suffering 06/25/2020
Five Things To Know About Shri Hanuman 06/24/2020
Two Things Required To Prove God Through Empirical Evidence 06/23/2020
Is It Wrong To Lament For Others 06/22/2020
Five People We Should Thank On A Daily Basis 06/21/2020
Two Ways Of Dealing With The Diseased Condition 06/20/2020
Five Things We Might Be Afraid Of 06/19/2020
Isn't Every Person Dangerous 06/18/2020
Is There Any Help From Shastra For Dealing With Global Emergencies 06/17/2020
Three Tricks Of The Rakshasas 06/16/2020
Was Paramatma Inside Of Hiranyakashipu 06/15/2020
What Is The Best Protection Against Disease 06/14/2020
Why Would Dasharatha Make That Promise To Kaikeyi 06/12/2020
What Is The Purpose Of Knowing More About God 06/12/2020
Two Situations To Help Understand Krishna’s Potencies 06/11/2020
What Is The Basic Cause Of Human Sinful Activities 06/10/2020
Ascending To Heaven And Realizing God Are Two Different Things 06/09/2020
Three Truths To Consider In The Animal Killing Debate 06/08/2020
Aren’t Humans Part Of Nature 06/07/2020
Three Times When Hari-Katha Is The Right Medicine 06/06/2020
Three Things The Self-Realized Soul Sees As The Same 06/05/2020
Why Didn't Sanatana Gosvami Practice Social Distancing 06/04/2020
Three Mistakes That Are Not Blemishes In Bhakti 06/03/2020
Four Places To See The Soul 06/02/2020
The Four Miseries Of Life 06/01/2020
Two Rules To Remember Relating To God's Creation 05/31/2020
Five Advancements Of Modern Society I Am Proud Of 05/30/2020
Has Every Person Seen God 05/29/2020
Three Features In Krishna Juxtaposed With Us 05/28/2020
Five Things Paramatma Witnesses 05/27/2020
Four Qualities Krishna Heard About Rukmini 05/26/2020
How Did Rukmini Hear About Krishna 05/25/2020
Three Features To Krishna’s Ananta Property 05/24/2020
Three Features To Krishna's Anadi Property 05/23/2020
Why Don't Asuras Leave The Suras Alone 05/22/2020
Four Aspects To The Marriage of Krishna To Rukmini 05/21/2020
Should I Copy The Bhagavatam And Give It In Charity 05/20/2020
The Spirit Soul Of Krishna's Entourage 05/19/2020
Three Places That Are The Same For Servants Of Narayana 05/18/2020
Three Problems Solved That Should Have Made Us Happier 05/17/2020
Four Reasons A Householder Wouldn't Visit A Brahmana 05/16/2020
Two People Who Might Not View Us As We Expect 05/15/2020
Five Candidates For The Most Amazing Thing 05/14/2020
Four People Who Might Have Trouble With Dhyana 05/13/2020
Just What Kind Of Evidence Do You Want 05/12/2020
Three People Who Have No Need For Further Realization 05/11/2020
Five People That Share Something Important In Common 05/10/2020
Three Ways My Pressure Increases 05/09/2020
Five Things You Wouldn't Know About Krishna By Looking At Him 05/08/2020
If Marriage Is So Difficult Why Did God Make It An Ashrama 05/07/2020
Narasimha Chaturdashi 2020 05/06/2020
Four Instances Of Marriage Difficulty In The Ramayana 05/05/2020
Why Does Adharma Get Any Victories At All 05/04/2020
What Is Wrong With Wanting To Have Dinner With God 05/03/2020
Three Choices For Arjuna At The Conclusion Of Bhagavad-gita 05/02/2020
Four Reasons Narayana Is Known As Nara-Sakha 05/01/2020
Why Not Go For The Four Rewards 04/30/2020
Three Activities That Tire Me Out 04/29/2020
Can God Have Only One Son 04/28/2020
Is It Possible For A Rich Person To Realize God 04/27/2020
Three “What If” Issues Already Resolved By Bhakti-Yoga 04/26/2020
Four False Justifications For Animal Killing Resolved By The Acharya 04/25/2020
Four Different Rupas Of Bhagavan 04/24/2020
Five Things God Cannot Be Limited To 04/23/2020
If You Are God Today Why Weren't You God Yesterday 04/22/2020
Two Miracles God Is Able To Perform 04/21/2020
Five Things I Can Prepare For 04/20/2020
Do People Automatically Incur The Wrath of God 04/19/2020
How Can Hearing Bring Vijnana 04/18/2020
The Foe And The Crow 04/17/2020
Three Attachments With Withdrawal Symptoms 04/16/2020
Three Things The Avyakta-Murtina Tells Me 04/15/2020
Doesn’t The Image Of Chaitanya Give The Wrong Idea About Bhakti 04/14/2020
Three Takeaways From The Image Of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu In The Temple 04/13/2020
Two Key Missing Words From The Impersonal Explanation In Bhagavad-gita 04/12/2020
Four Distinctions Of Note With The Antaryami Feature In Bhagavan 04/11/2020
Five Takeaways From The Image Of The Hut In Panchavati 04/10/2020
Is There Any Symbolism To The Original Marriage Arrangements For Rukmini Devi 04/09/2020
Aren’t There Some Questions Which The Vedas Can’t Answer 04/08/2020
How Do I Determine What Work Is Tied To My Nature 04/07/2020
The Two Kinds Of Education Policy 04/06/2020
Four Times The Shastra Police Would Have Ruined Everything 04/05/2020
Five Common Occupations And Their Faults 04/04/2020
Three Things I Think I Might Need In Serving Krishna 04/03/2020
Rama Navami 2020 04/02/2020
Two Questions To Ask The “Religious Dogma” Protester 04/01/2020
The Three Step Process Of Advancement For A Community 03/31/2020
Three Potential Accusations Against Hanuman's Character 03/30/2020
Why Is Stopping At Brahman Realization Considered Catastrophic 03/29/2020
The Eyes They Never Close 03/28/2020
Four Things Hari Might Take Away From Me 03/26/2020
Four Reasons I Would Not Want To Have Dinner With God 03/25/2020
Three Tasks Where We May Get Filibustered 03/23/2020
How Was Hanuman Able To Compose Sanskrit So Quickly 03/22/2020
Never You Hear Discouraging Lies 03/21/2020
If We Are All Just Chemicals Why Not Worship Krishna 03/20/2020
What If You Could Be Successful In Everything You Wanted 03/19/2020
Three More Opposite Conditions And How They Apply To God 03/18/2020
Three Questions About The Angry God Image 03/17/2020
Doesn't The Teaching About Not Being The Doer Take Away Credit 03/16/2020
Four Opposite Conditions And How They Apply To God 03/15/2020
Five Examples Of Lack Of Satya-Sankalpa 03/14/2020
Is Chanting Different Mantras Considered To Be Tapasya 03/13/2020
What Is Satya-Sankalpa 03/12/2020
Four Effects Of Associating With The Tulasi Plant 03/11/2020
Holi 2020 03/10/2020
Gaura Purnima 2020 03/09/2020
Five Things You Can’t Learn Everything About By Asking Alone 03/08/2020
Five Questions About The Virata-Rupa 03/07/2020
Four Questions About Dhyana 03/06/2020
Three Questions To Ask The Reincarnation Skeptic 03/05/2020
Dishonesty Is Rarely Exclusive To One Area 03/04/2020
Three Deceptive Measures Employed By The Rakshasas 03/03/2020
Three Reflections On The Avyakta-Murtina Reference In The Bhagavad-gita 03/02/2020
Are You Saying That Vishnu Devotees Are Better Situated Than Others Who Believe In God 03/01/2020
What Is The Point If So Many People Already Accept God 02/29/2020
Five Places To Which I Become Attached 02/28/2020
Can A Young Person Become A Spiritual Guide 02/26/2020
Five Sacrifices Not Made In Isolation 02/25/2020
Five Causes You Might Get Guilted Into Supporting 02/24/2020
Shabari’s Berries 02/23/2020
Four Sacrifices We Should Make In Serving Krishna 02/22/2020
What Is The Best Use Of Talent 02/21/2020
Five Ways I Can Sacrifice Words 02/20/2020
Five Ways To Sacrifice Wealth 02/19/2020
Five Takeaways From The Image Of Padmanabha 02/18/2020
Three Non-Human Heroes Of The Ramayana 02/17/2020
Four Things Bhagavad-gita Helps Me Cope With 02/16/2020
Can You Explain The Ones And Zeroes Thing About Bhakti 02/15/2020
Four Things Desirable In This Material World 02/14/2020
Four Things Parampara Reveals To Me Which I Have Not Personally Witnessed 02/13/2020
Three Areas Of Hard Labor In Mental Speculation 02/12/2020
How Could A Dynasty Fall Under Krishna's Watch 02/11/2020
Three Things We Think Of To The Neglect Of God Consciousness 02/10/2020
Is There Anything Similar To The Ten Commandments In Vedic Culture 02/09/2020
Why Should We Take On More Responsibility In Devotional Service 02/08/2020
Four Things That Sap The Vitality Of Human Energy 02/07/2020
Isn’t The Concept Of Avyakta-Murtina Paradoxical 02/06/2020
Four Instances Of Symbolism From Krishna-Lila 02/05/2020
Five Actions I Regret After The Fact 02/04/2020
Aren’t All Liberated Souls At The Same Risk As Jaya And Vijaya 02/03/2020
Is It Worse To Think I Am Body Or That I Am Nothing 02/02/2020
How Do I Know What Krishna’s Interest Is 02/01/2020
Two Takeaways From The Story of Vatapi and Ilvala 01/31/2020
Is It Necessary To Visit Houses Of Worship 01/30/2020
Why Should I Behave Piously If Reputation Can Be So Easily Destroyed 01/29/2020
Three People Who Could Not Maintain A Spotless Reputation 01/28/2020
Three Instances Where The Concept Of Helping God Seems Invalid 01/27/2020
Don’t You Find Demigod Worship Throughout Vedic Culture 01/26/2020
Three Areas To Which My Attention Gets Diverted 01/25/2020
Three Types Of Devotees You Can Encounter In Bhakti Life 01/24/2020
What About People Who Literally Follow The Rules And Regulations 01/23/2020
I Am Confused Over The Benefit Of Having A Chaste Wife 01/22/2020
Five Causes Where Even Success Leads To Attachment 01/21/2020
Can Chanting The Holy Name Change The Nature Of A Situation 01/20/2020
Who Would Win In A Fight 01/19/2020
No Lights To Show The Way 01/18/2020
Why Do Devotees Spend So Much Time Arguing 01/17/2020
Three Takeaways From The Image Of Rama With Jatayu 01/15/2020
Is Believing In The Afterlife Everything 01/14/2020
Two Difficulties With Getting Involved For A Cause 01/13/2020
Five Things I Could Remember At Anta-kale 01/12/2020
Five People Shri Rama Helps 01/11/2020
Getting Banned From The Temple 01/10/2020
Three Settings For Anta-Kale 01/09/2020
Three Ways The Liberated Soul Can Take Happiness From Within 01/08/2020
Three Mistaken Directions Attributed To Habit 01/07/2020
Two Outcomes If The Perfect Day Should Repeat 01/06/2020
Three Significant Events Taking Place In Ayodhya 01/05/2020
Five Places Shri Rama Turned Into Tirthas 01/04/2020
Is There A Difference Between Vedanta and Bhagavad-gita 01/03/2020
Three Basic Challenges To The Mayavada Philosophy 01/02/2020
Three Aspects Of The Body Impacted By Anger 01/01/2020
Springing From A Spark Of His Splendor 12/31/2019
Four Reasons Prahlada Could Have Been Angry With God 12/30/2019
Three Things Working Against The Vanaras In Kishkindha 12/29/2019
Three Inadequacies Shri Rama Will Overlook 12/28/2019
Three Sanskrit Terms To Describe The Eternal Religion 12/27/2019
Five Complaints Against God And Their Contrary Viewpoints 12/26/2019
Four People Who Had A Special Kind Of Departure 12/25/2019
Five Venues For Testing The Practical Application Of Knowledge 12/24/2019
Three People We Try To Impress 12/23/2019
How Do I Break Free Of The Desire To Impress Others 12/22/2019
The Three Time Periods In Which God Can Be Found 12/21/2019
Five Possible Activities In Bhakti 12/20/2019